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Our Philosophy of Care

As part of the health care system in the Province of Manitoba, River East Personal Care Home Ltd. provides quality care services within our community. To provide that service, we believe that we must establish, achieve, and evaluate standards of care that will maintain and enhance the quality of life enjoyed by our Elders.

Our primary purpose is to provide personalized care and continuous access to human companionship to our Elders in order to promote the well being of each individual. All activities addressing the physical, psychosocial, spiritual, cognitive, therapeutic and recreational needs of our Elders recognize the dignity of each Elder as a human being with a past, a present, and a future.

Our Values

These are the values that we believe and implement in our daily work and life because we are a part of the River East Personal Care Home:
  • Respect - Our Elders have our respect because of their wisdom and who they are. We demonstrate this respect in the way we care for them, their home and their belongings. We show respect when we participate in the Eden Alternative to the best of our abilities.

  • Honesty - We speak the truth and it is done in a kind and respectful away. We are accountable to each other and make sure that if we have made a mistake it is addressed honourably.

  • Teamwork - We move from “me” to “we” everyday and are loyal to our team even in hard times. Our focus is always on our elders and defeating the three plagues that long term care can bring.

  • Compassion - When we see someone in need we are moved to act and provide companionship. No one will suffer from the plagues of loneliness, helplessness and boredom in our home.

  • Kindness - We are bound to serve each other with a tender heart. Our service must be focused on gentle touch and words. Our actions cause an individual to grow and bring meaning to their lives.

  • Humour - Humour can cure any problem... we apply it more often than any medication to lift each other’s spirits.

  • Love - We show unconditional love to each other. Love is not earned, love is given freely in our home.

  • Flexibility - We are able to stretch to meet any challenge that comes our way because we trust each other. We will be spontaneous in our kindness and in our care.

The Bill of Rights for Our Elders

  • Each Elder has the right to have dedicated Team Members that champion the Eden Alternative® and battle the plagues of loneliness, helplessness and boredom within our home.

  • All Elders have the right to continue to live at home surrounded by their own belongings.

  • They will have a home at River East that is safe, clean and healthy.

  • Living at home also means that Elders have meal time experience that reminds them of family and home.

  • Each Elder will move into a “neighbourhood”, have a right to build relationships of their choosing there and live without fear of discrimination.

  • Each Elder has a private domain that Team Members cannot enter into without being invited and privacy will be maintained during personal care and anytime the Elder requests it.

  • Elders are free to have private times with those that they choose including family, clergy and legal advisors.

  • Our Elders have the right to have instant access to family, friends, animals and Team Members whenever they feel lonely day or night. When they call, we will answer.

  • Our Elders have the right to care for themselves, make choices regarding their life minute to minute and maintain their own independence.

  • Elders are also free to care for other Elders, the pets and the Team Members as they feel they would like to or have a need to.

  • Each Elder at River East is recognized as a unique individual and their need to give care is respected and facilitated.

  • Each Elder in our care has the right to live in a home where old institutional rules and tasks have been eliminated. Our Elders decide on their own schedules and the decisions they make as individuals help create their own variety. Team Members are open to and nurture this environment as it defeats boredom in an Elder’s life.

  • Our Elders have the right to continue their lives as they did in the community. They choose participation from the leisure calendar only if it is meaningful to them. Our Elders do not have “busy work” fill their hours, we are obligated to help them find meaning in whatever they choose to do.

  • Our Elders are people with social, psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual needs. We will search to fill their lives with opportunities and those things that will make them complete.

  • Each Elder has the right to medical treatment that helps them find physical relief, think more clearly and do more for themselves. When medical treatment is required under these circumstances, information is provided to them in easily understood terms and they make their own decisions related to their care or authorize another person to assist them in decision making.

  • Elders at River East Personal Care Home have the right to refuse any prescribed medical treatment including restraints. Elders choosing to “live at risk” will be respected.

  • River East Personal Care home promises to safeguard the personal health information of each Elder as it relates to their medical care.

  • All medical treatments and conversations will be done in private.

  • They may attend neighbourhood and council meetings and have their views heard within the Learning Circle.

  • Elders may choose to attend and provide feedback in their PATH meeting.

  • An Elder may wish to use the suggestion box if they wish to remain anonymous.

  • Most importantly, our Elders have a right to approach any Team Members member within their home directly and have their comments and suggestions respected and acted on without delay.

  • Our Elders have the right to a life of continued growth in their home at River East Personal Care Home. They are on a path to fulfillment and we are here to be their companions on this part of their journey and to help fill the basket of their life with meaning.

  • Each Elder at River East Personal Care Home is entitled to have caring Team Members that are experts in their personal needs and know them by heart. Our Team Members create a network of continuity within each neighbourhood and lead others to the individualized care of each and every Elder.
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