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River East Personal Care Home Town Hall Meeting
May 1, 2013 at 1430 in the Gathering Room
Present:  Approx. 60 Elders, friends & Team Members
Meeting led by:  Ron Parent

  1. Report from the Director:

    1. Website – Up and running as of April 1, 2013. There is access to calendars, menus, newsletters and upcoming evening. IBEC has a website as well.  Families and team members are encouraged to access the site for information. Website will evolve over time to include pictures and hopefully a family members only section.

    2. Newsletter – There has been 2 newsletters that have gone out covering such things as events in the home, comments, stories and pictures. You can expect the newsletters quarterly. They will include general information & highlights and they will be posted on the website.

    3. Mother’s Day Tea and Victorian Fashion Show – Saturday May 11/13 at 2:30pm in the Gathering Room. The afternoon will begin with the Fashion Show at 2:30pm. Tea will be served right after. Silver Collection to help with the cost of the event.

    4. Capital Projects – Projects include, roof repairs, Charity Road Lounge renovation, new beds and mattresses, landscaping and patio furniture.

    5. PIECES Training – Training is available to all Staff & Families.  For families who are interested, please speak with Karen Loch, Dementia Program Manager by email at kloch@extendicare.com or by phone at 204-668-7460, extension 264.

    6. Accreditation Visit Results – Initial comments were very positive by the surveyors. This process is part of the WRHA Quality Management program, where the Personal Care Home program is evaluated as a whole. More information to follow.

    7. Menu – The summer menu is almost ready. There are some new items on it such as Beef Tips, Pulled Turkey Sandwiches, Mediterranean Salad and Shrimp. Will also have “Elders Choice items” on the menu as well. Please advise Sandra, our Food Services Supervisor on any beefs or bouquets.

    8. Nurses Week – May 6-10/13. Please take the time to thank a Nurse for the great care they provide.

    9. $5000 gift - We are the beneficiaries of a gift, that was due to accounting mistakes dating back from 2008. The funds will be used to improve the lives of our Elders. Please submit your ideas to Ron before May 31st. Once the ideas have been collected, we will create a shortlist then send out a survey to the Elders, families and staff of what to do with the funds.

  2. Questions/Comments

    1. What will be done with the large dining room once all Neighbourhoods have been renovated?
      Unsure what will be done with the space at this time, suggestions are welcome.
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